What are the Main Differences Between a Power Shower and an Electric Shower

Power Shower Vs Electric Shower

What are the Main Differences Between a Power Shower and an Electric Shower?

Ready to make a change in your shower and bathroom experience, but don’t know where to start?

You’re not alone, most people know what they want the shower to look like, but are not to sure about the different types available.

Firstly we need to establish what are the main differences between a power shower and an electric shower …..

Most mornings I need a quick shower to wake me up and get me out the door for work, or any other part of my busy schedule that is beckoning- whether its dropping the kids off, running errands or just simply making it to appointments on time. These are the days when I need a shower that responds quickly, and doesn’t make me wait for it to heat up.

Then there are other, more languid days. Albeit that these days are slightly more rare than the others, I am happy to say that they do still exist. And even sometimes, when the day is done and I am about to collapse into my bed, I like to take a nourishing shower that gives me a time of peace before I lay my head down to sleep.

I am sure that many of you can relate to this. That is why it is so important to actually pay attention to what type of shower you are going to invest in, because it is something that helps you to recharge, rejuvenate or relax.

However, a shower is not just a shower.

Not anymore, in this day of nifty gadgets and new designs.

Not that I am complaining- in fact the opposite. But it does mean that a little consideration and learning is due. So, maybe you are in the same boat as I am, and are looking at replacing your old shower or maybe you are creating and building a new home and are looking for a new type of shower to install.

Or maybe you are doing the right thing, and are looking to ease up on your carbon footprint a little by looking for a type of shower that can save energy and water.

Well, whatever the reason for looking for a new shower- this article has you covered. In this article you will find out all the little points that are small but are good to know and how to select the right shower installation based on the existing system already in your home.

So let’s get down to business.. what are the main differences between a power shower and an electric shower…..

There are two main showers I will be comparing today, the power shower and the electric shower. Showers may seem universal but when you start taking a deeper look, you quickly realise that there are more than just aesthetics to keep in mind. What are the differences between the power shower and the electric shower? How do they work?

“Hold on. What exactly is a power shower? And an electric shower? I thought I just had a ‘shower’, that turned on when I turned the tap.” Sound familiar? Well, read on and I will explain exactly what these two types of showers, their differences and how to select the best one for you.

Before we get start I have a little riddle for you. It won’t make to much sense now but by the end of the article you will read it again and nod with knowing: “Every single power shower is electric. But not every electric shower is a power shower.”

Read on to find out more about these two showers.

Firstly, let me explain what a power shower is:

The power shower

A power shower is pretty true to its name. It uses a powerful ‘boost’ to rush the water pressure out your shower head, so that you have an immediate sensation of good pressured, warm water. this is the natural appeal of the power shower. No waiting for the pressure to get to the desired feel, no waiting for the water to warm up. Just turn on the tap, and boom. Enjoy the rush of water.

But how does it work?

The power shower works by using a pump system. The pump is used to pump the water out and over the heating element and out onto your body. This gives the power shower the extra boost of welcome pressure as soon as you turn it on, and the pressure that streams from your shower head is steady and maintained.

What are the advantages of installing and using a power shower?

  • If you are already struggling with a low pressure problem in your bathroom then the power shower is here to solve that very problem. The power shower gives you a luxurious upgrade, without too much hassle.
  • Strong water pressure giving you a happy shower experience
  • Average water flow ranging from 14 – 16 litres per minute
  • You can get really contemporary and modern designs, making your bathroom look more visually appealing

Okay, now that the power shower is pretty much covered let us move on the electric shower:

What is an electric shower?

The electric shower

Again, this shower is true to its name. The electric shower uses, you guessed it, electricity to heat up the water to the desired temperature. It is switched on by a switch that is usually located in the bathroom, this master switch will trigger the surge of electricity to the shower.

But how does it work?

Let’s get into the nitty gritty details here. A heating element is located underneath the shower and when you switch on the electric shower, cold water rushes underneath the shower and passes directly through this element. The water is then heated to the temperature that you have selected.

Advantages of an electric shower:

  • Cost effective
  • There are a range of eco-friendly options, especially since you are only heating up water that is being used and not large store of water in a tank
  • More than one family member can use the hot water at one time, without compromising your shower comfort (bonus!)
  • 7-8 litres per minute of water flow

Okay, to summarise we can say that all of the power showers works off electricity and are there throe, by definition, electric showers. However, the main difference that isolates them as power showers is that they use a pump to maintain a steady stream of good pressure. Often electric showers can leave you with a spurting or dripping shower experience whereas the power shower, because of its pump system, actually makes sure that your shower head is giving you a constant stream of pressurised hot water.

So, there you have it! The main differences between power showers and electric showers- now that you know what each of them can do for you, you can decide which one you like!

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Here is a quick video showing the main differences between a power shower and an electric shower:

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