Jimmy Jet Shower Set Hand-Held Massage Shower Panel Shower Head Black

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Jimmy Jet Shower Set

A high-quality shower panel with LED temperature display and massage function. Colour: black.

Design and product description:

The shower screen has been designed to relax your whole body as one of the best possible showers.

The traditional panel has been combined with a waterproof electronic LED temperature display.

The new LED temperature display has a bath time and temperature display. There is also a indicator for the condition of the water.

The new temperature display is operated by the water function as soon as water passes through the shower set. This does not require a battery, is easy to use and brings more comfort to your life.

This shower panel tower has been designed with the highest quality stainless steel grade.

Immerse yourself in a truly relaxing shower experience and enjoy the modern style of this beautiful and modern designed shower wall.

Distributor for upper shower head and hand shower.

Shower Set Specification:

Connections: DIN standard 1/2 standard connectors.

Foot Body Material: Brass

Panel Material: High Quality Stainless Steel

Finish: Black Brushed Shower System

Hand shower: technical plastic ABS, outer surface zinc alloy, PVD coating.

Shower Hose: Flexible Stainless Steel Hose

Installation Method: Wall Mounted

Functions: Five Modes (Rainfall, Waterfall, Horizontal Massage Spray, Handheld Shower,Bath Spray)


Box contents: 1 x Jimmy Jet shower hand shower, massage shower panel, black shower head





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